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Server Management

Servers are the central point of a business network, providing services such as access control, file systems, and network printing. Servers enables company applications, such as antiviruses, databases, accounting among others to be easily shared but for many businesses, and most small businesses, the cost of purchasing, implementing and maintaining a server can be daunting.


  • We assist with management of servers installed at your office, to make them work well with your outside connections and to protect them from improper or malicious use.
  • We provide server deployment, selecting the optimal infrastructure for your services. Offering you better flexibility in how your services are provided, as we can add or change services as needed.
  • Routine checkups, backups, updates and upgrades of hardware and software on your server, to ensure stable and usable service.
  • We provide regular reporting on server usage and recommendations for how your IT operations can run more effectively.

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